Why Soft Sell?

Soft Sell Guiding Principles

Intelligence, Innovation & Integrity

We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else… Teach front-line non-sales employees how to sell!

Unlike other sales training companies, Soft Sell™ focuses on getting all your employees directly involved in your company’s financial success.

Our behavior-based curriculum is specifically designed to empower all front-line employees with the ability to find additional sales leads and/or up-sell and cross-sell.

Such training requires a very specialized approach. Most training organizations, if they recognize the value of employees outside the direct sales force at all, see non-sales employees as an afterthought for a direct sales training program. They, in turn, deliver the same training across the entire organization. This is simply unacceptable!

Soft Sell specializes in understanding the unique training demands of teaching service and support personnel (i.e., Customer Service, Technical Support, Field Service Reps, Consultants) the business development techniques, communication skills, and productivity best practices they need to bring in additional revenue for your organization.

With courses ranging from “Why Do Some Salespeople Seem So Obnoxious?” (Behavioral & Selling Styles) to “Share The Love!” (Getting Testimonial Letters and Referrals), our attendees complete the programs feeling empowered to contribute to your company’s financial success and driven to succeed.

Please contact us to learn more about the incredible payback you can expect from tapping into your current human assets.

"I see it as my mission to help a company identify and provide the most useful skills and technology available as well as the support and training necessary to grow a healthy business with a solid foundation to sustain its success for the long-run. "

- Adam Halpern

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