What Others Are Saying

  • Adam’s ability to articulate a value based selling strategy to our engineers has transformed my organization from a team that delivers ‘post-sales’ to one that delivers the ‘next-sale’. As a Consulting Services provider for an independent software vendor, this has not only led to a significant increase in services revenue, but product revenue as well.

    David Vano
    David Vano Professional Services Director
  • Attending the two-day sales workshop was terrific. As you know, I am a technical support rep. I never had a chance to do a sales training at this world-class level. This was an outstanding experience for me and I'm sure this will last a lifetime.

    Technical Support reps are not necessarily good salespeople, after this workshop I recommend everyone should attend a workshop by Adam Halpern.

    My sincere thanks to you for this great opportunity to learn about customer focused selling.

    George Alvarez
    George Alvarez Technical Support Representative
  • Adam has excellent training skills as well as the ability to see the bigger picture. Whether his audience is sales personnel or non-sales personnel, he is very skilled at adapting his material to fit his target audience in a way that makes it interesting and entertaining as well as informative. His role has been invaluable at NetIQ.

    Jennifer Pryor Brown
    Jennifer Pryor Brown Technical Account Manager
  • In my experience as a trainer and as a training manager, I’ve concluded there are four traits of a good trainer:

    1) Good presentation and class management skills
    2) A likeable personality
    3) Sincerity
    4) Knowledge of the subject

    Adam possesses all four of these traits. Watch him for even a short period and you’ll realize his presentation and class management skills are top notch. And I can speak from experience that Adam cares about the effect of his training. He constantly looks for ways to improve and is eager to get into conversations that will achieve that result.

    Adam’s sales experience enables him to interject personal stories and anecdotes that bring credibility to his material.

    Simply put: If you think sales related training is in order for your staff, then Adam is a sure bet to perform the training successfully.

    Thomas Radcliffe
    Thomas Radcliffe Training Manager
  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Adam Halpern as a value based sales trainer. I was completely comfortable putting him in charge of rolling out our company's value based selling methodology to sales new hires. His creative and customized role-play scenarios had an extremely positive impact on the students, and teaching the different buyer personality styles was critical in determining our customers' needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested not only in increasing their confidence with sales, but increasing their revenues.

    Mike Cross
    Mike Cross Director of Knowledge Services
  • Adam was a great asset to the NetIQ Sales and Technical staff. His great attitude and keen intelligence were a pure joy to be around. On a personal level, Adam is one of the easiest people to get to know and get along with. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

    Spencer Wallis
    Spencer Wallis Field Support Center Coordinator
  • Adam is very professional and does great job training and motivating employees. With his experience he is a valuable training asset.

    Duff Bourassa
    Duff Bourassa Operations Manager
  • Adam was instrumental in defining and implementing the sales curriculum for new hires. As well refining techniques and processes for Sales to better enable them to meet sales objectives.

    Matt Dunford
    Matt Dunford Project Manager
"I see it as my mission to help a company identify and provide the most useful skills and technology available as well as the support and training necessary to grow a healthy business with a solid foundation to sustain its success for the long-run. "

- Adam Halpern

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