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  • Adam has a unique ability to create a learning environment between individuals with very different skill sets. His understanding of Sales enabled him to design training programs which enabled both non-sales and veteran sales individuals to succeed and learn. Adam dedication and creative approach provided me with all the necessary tools to succeed....thanks Adam.

    Greg Alessandroni
    Greg Alessandroni Technical Account Manager
  • I worked with Adam over a 2 year period initially when I came on board as a TAM (Technical Account Manager) for NetIQ and following as a Systems Engineer at NetIQ now Attachmate. My dealings with Adam revolved around training and sales support of the NetIQ Sales Team. Adam has a unique way of keeping everyone focused and on topic even when he is not present during the meeting or presentation.

    Adam is very secure in his ability to train others in what it takes to be successful in sales. He has the experience of having been in the trenches and walked the walk. If I ran a Sales organization I would use Adam to deliver training to my staff since I feel they would walk away with the tools and knowledge to be successful.

    Dony Sheppard
    Dony Sheppard Technical Account Manager
  • Adam is the consummate professional who has a strong ability to get different groups to work together effectively to accomplish the common goal. He understands Sales and is very talented at teaching non-sales people how to grasp sales concepts and be able to contribute to the company making their numbers. He is great at bringing together large scale training events and achieving measurable results.

    Dean Thompson
    Dean Thompson Sr. Director, Sales Engineering & Operations
  • Adam is a fantastic sales enablement champion. Adam is great at delivering the right content at the appropriate settings and at the right time. He quickly builds rapport and has everyone engaged and learning in an open and comfortable professional environment. His follow-up is excellent and never pushy or mechanical. Adam is always a bridge builder between sales and other departments to get your important message out quickly.

     Chris Keller
    Chris Keller Regional SE Manager
  • Adam is a self motivated/detailed oriented person with a passion to make everyone successful. He made sure that our sales staff had all the required knowledge to sell and support the products. He even implemented a survey/testing system to not only test our understanding of the presented material, but also used our feedback to improve the training programs. Adam was a valuable asset to the organization. Thanks Adam!!!

    Ron Broussard
    Ron Broussard Sales Engineer
  • Adam facilitated and often wrote training courses for NetIQ employees. I noticed that when new sales people would go through Adams "New Hire" they would hit the ground running faster than the previous sales people. Adam also made training classes the right amount of time and didn't try to bore us with the details. He always ensured that we were getting the facts and tried to keep the sessions fun, but didn't bore us to sleep. I miss Adam's classes.

    Matt Graybiel
    Matt Graybiel iSeries Security Sales Engineer
  • When I first met Adam in 2002, I was knee-deep in the role of Program Manager, a technical, process-driven role. My goal was to become a Product Manager, but I lacked the sales experience that I felt was necessary to truly map customer pain to successful products. Thanks to his help and mentorship, I was able to transition into a Sales role where I was able to attain 112% of my annual quota. Today, I am a Sr. Product Manager with MessageOne and consistently utilize the methods and techniques that I learned from Adam in order to listen to our customers and develop solutions that truly solve their problems.

    Ron Clarkson
    Ron Clarkson Sr. Product Manager
  • Adam is a consummate professional in all he does. His training consistently exceeded expectations, whether presenting to executives or facilitating technical demonstrations to systems engineers. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again!

    Jim Mahan
    Jim Mahan Alliance Marketing Manager
"I see it as my mission to help a company identify and provide the most useful skills and technology available as well as the support and training necessary to grow a healthy business with a solid foundation to sustain its success for the long-run. "

- Adam Halpern

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