Soft Sell Guiding Principles
Intelligence, Innovation & Integrity

After 20 years of developing and leading successful sales training programs for companies throughout the United States and the world, I realized that the single most effective path to becoming a truly exceptional company was empowering all employees with real business development and communication skills. This realization led to the creation of Soft Sell™.

Soft Sell’s mission is to use our unique professional experience in sales and customer support to provide targeted learning experiences aimed at turning every customer interaction into revenue.

Soft Sell’s training programs turn customer-facing personnel and their managers into revenue generators. This content is not the typical “seminar in box” sales training; it is immediate, useful training delivered with real-world experiences and engaging exercises that have a lasting effect on the participants.

Soft Sell teaches employees from customer service and technical support to professional services and consultants that are actively participating in the success of their organization can be fun and rewarding, both for themselves and their company. Soft Sell designs customized classes to enable your employees to directly contribute to your company’s financial success.

Soft Sell arms your organization with the sales skills and business acumen it needs to maximize the potential of every account.

“Our passion is to be an indispensable business partner in sharing and shaping innovative ideas into sales performance solutions for now and in the future. Our guiding principle is to conduct business endeavors with integrity and honesty.”

– Adam Halpern

After years of developing and leading successful sales training programs for organizations throughout the United States, Adam Halpern realized that a huge, untrained group of employees were influencing sales and customer retention opportunities: non-sales front-line employees.

Adam founded Soft Sell based on a fundamental truth of business: Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build a more profitable relationship. Soft Sell’s common-sense approach to sales training is a product of Adam’s professional experience in organizational development and direct sales.

For more than twelve years, Adam has worked with executive decision makers in training, sales, field marketing, and customer service. As a lead corporate trainer, he worked in extremely competitive business environments such as NetIQ, Symantec (formerly BindView, and American Express. As a sales and operations executive for the advertising firm ADMS Inc., he developed highly effective value-based sales methodologies for selling in complex business development environments.

Adam is a part-time philosopher and full-time business consultant.

"I see it as my mission to help a company identify and provide the most useful skills and technology available as well as the support and training necessary to grow a healthy business with a solid foundation to sustain its success for the long-run. "

- Adam Halpern

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